Fleur a Flair has been a family business (run&owned), specializing in floral preservation and design since 1985. 

Caring for your flowers after the wedding:

(1) Please ensure that the bouquet has a water source; either pour water into the bouquet holder, or if the bouquet has natural stems, then please re-cut and place them in water. Place bouquet into a plastic bag (kitchen or dry cleaner's), and if it fits, then into a large paper grocery bag. Place this bag in a refrigerator over night (a cooler also serves well if there is not sufficient space in your refrigerator).

DO NOT FREEZE!! We cannot preserve flowers that have been in the freezer. 

(2) Please call first, but we can usually receive the bouquet anytime between 9 am and 5 pm on Mondays.  If special arrangements are made in advance, flowers may be dropped of on Sunday afternoon.  The fresher the flowers the better they will preserve.  If you must stop first, please place the bouquet in a cooler - do not leave the bouquet in a hot car.


  • We work by appointment ONLY. Give us a call @513.891.7404 to set up an appointment time to drop-off your flowers.

    • We strongly recommend booking your drop-off with us prior to the wedding date as our schedule generally books up quickly and we may not be able to fit customers in at the last minute. *We do reserve the right to turn away any order that has not been booked in advance due to lacking available time slots and resources. 

  • We meet with each customer during drop-off and selection appointments. At this time, no decisions about the final product will need to be made. Preservation costs vary depending on number of flowers as well as freshness of flowers. The preservation process will take one month to complete.

  • If you are booking your preservation prior to the wedding you will save $25.00. Otherwise, a standard sized bouquet will run $175.00(+tax). Any additional flowers will be $5.00 each to preserve.

    We also offer individual flower preservations. 
    • 20 flowers= $100.00 ($5.00 per flower)

    • 12 flowers= $75.00 ($6.25 per flower)

    • 5 flowers= $50.00 ($10.00 per flower)

    • 1-4 flowers =$15.00 per flower

*this is a separate cost from any shadowbox (or other items) you would like to display your flowers in. This is because we preserve each flower individually, removing each flowerhead from the stems, we use various adhesives, and submerge everything in our perfected formula for one month. Once the month-long process is complete and flowers are removed from the formula, some may require color enhancing tools, and all flowers require proper sealant. The preservation process alone will take anywhere from 6-10 hours.

  • After the one-month mark from your drop-off date, we ask that you please give us a call to schedule a selection appointment at your convenience.
    • Our personal selection appointments allow customers to sit down with our design team and see the flowers after the preservation process is complete. We then lay out your preserved flowers and will show you the various options of mat-choice color&texture, frame styles/colors, UV protective and non-reflective glass options, and other display options that we offer. We will work with you to find what fits best into your home and your price range. 

-We do custom order our frames and products individually, so each item is made special for you! This does however unfortunately add time to the process. This can take up to 3 months just for us to receive a frame shipment.

So please allow for 4-6 months after you have placed your order with Fleur a` Flair, and you will receive a call of completion as soon as your order is complete!

We look forward to hearing from you and creating a memory that you can look at fondly over the years!


Above is two different example or recreated wedding bouquets on an angle. (On the left is a 16x20 and on the right is a 20x24 frame with and invite mounted to the right of the bouquet.)