Fleur a Flair Heirloom Floral Preservation, LLC

Terms and Conditions of Service

Thank you for choosing FAF for your preservation needs.

The Sales Terms and Conditions Form has been designed by FAF to fully inform you as to the process and limitations involved in preserving your flowers.

*A signed copy of this form as well as payment must be in place to initiate your order for processing and is your agreement to allow FAF to design and create your keepsake using their best judgment based on your selections.

Fleur a Flair, LLC referred to in this document as FAF was established in 1985 and is registered as an LLC with the state of Ohio, carries a Vendor’s License and reports and pays sales tax and Fed and State tax on all sales. 

Your signature and preservation payment allows FAF to start preserving your flowers as soon as we receive them without you having to commit to a specific selection. This payment is non-refundable, non-transferable and includes only the preservation of the flower heads. If no further keepsake is ordered there will be a pickup fee associated with packing them and meeting with you to pick them up. No stems are included, no design labor, nor design consultation on a flowers only order. No shipping options on flowers only orders.

No guarantee, express or implied is provided along with your order. Our goal is your satisfaction and we create our pieces with the perspective that they are our “calling card” for future orders but there are limitations to what we can accomplish.

  1. Color is not guaranteed to remain the same. Due to many factors in the growing as well as drying process some flowers change shades. For example, some reds and pinks get darker, whites often become creamier or more ivory, hot pink often takes on a purplish hue, and some coral/peach tones appear pinker. We will take a photo before disassembling the bouquet for shape and colors but it is best to submit a day-of photo as flower color can change with age and conditions. Feel free to send extra flowers to use for replacement. (They will be preserved instead of the originals, not in addition). If we have to provide a replacement there will be a charge. Some flowers such as stephanotis almost always come in wilted and will need to be replaced at your discretion.

  2. One month after the flowers are brought you will call and set up a custom design selection appointment with a designer. Please be prepared to make all decisions during that appointment or an excess design fee will be incurred. Please bring 2 or more copies of anything paper you want to include, browse our website galleries, our blogspot, and Facebook page for ideas. It is your responsibility to make this appointment; we will only call as a courtesy. All decisions must be made and paid by 6 months after flowers are dropped off or they will be retained as property of FAF. Payment for your selection is due in full at the time of your appointment. (Any payment arrangements made are still due before order is completed). *ANY MISSED APPOINTMENTS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC $10.00 FEE THAT WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR REMAINING BALANCE. Your time is valuable, and so is ours, so we ask that you please call in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.

  3. Additional items included with flowers: We will store and label your items in a safe and careful manner. We assume no liability for damage/loss of the items you leave with us to be included in your design, you leave them at your own risk. Since the items you wish to include may be sentimental please keep this in mind. We require 2 copies of any paper items to allow for a backup. There will be no extra charge for the first item to be mounted (ie: invitation, card, etc.). Additional fees per item will be charged. Most items are mounted with adhesive of some kind and not reversible. Should you require special mounting such as sewing, the charges for mounting will be higher. Your turnaround completion date will be delayed until all items are received, starting at the time all items are in our possession.

  4. Completion dates will vary with the level of orders in production. We are currently operating at an approximately 5-6 months completion time from the time we have your order, payment, and all items here. This is not a guarantee, just an estimate, as many factors are involved with supplies, labor, environmental conditions, and incoming order fluctuations. Certain items such as jewelry and small items may be completed sooner. We will notify you when your order is complete.

  5. Photos: all flowers are photographed when they come in to have a working record of how they looked when received. The design layout idea is then photographed at the time of the selection to have record of what was selected for the designer to follow. This is a “rough draft” design, not an absolute prediction of the resulting design. Finally, all finished items are photographed and archived for our records, are our sole property and can be used for any purposes including our design guides, albums, website, Facebook, advertising, etc. Your signature on this agreement releases FAF, LLC to use your keepsake in photos/videos/brochures/etc. for the publicity or marketing of FAF, LLC.

  6. A note about imperfections and the one-of-kind nature of our creations: these are custom-designed art made from natural materials and as such are subject to imperfections, spots, wrinkles, holes, glue marks from the florist. We do our best to minimize the look of the imperfections. The creation of preserved flower keepsakes involves many factors and is subject to creative interpretation and conditions along the way. Due to many subjective variables, once the final product is complete there are no alterations included in the initial cost. Any changes or alterations (if possible they can be completed) will incur additional charges for labor, materials, and any shipping involved. These charges will need to be paid by you before any labor is done. All sales are final and there are no allowances for refunds or returns for any reason. No replacements or repairs are included for insect, fire, mechanical damage, or environmental damage. Since the long-term condition is dependent on factors beyond our control we are not responsible for any items once you receive them.

  7. Payment is due in full at the time the order is placed. If the bank returns any check there will be a $35 returned check fee payable to FAF. This will delay order completion. The order is custom and payment in full is required in all circumstances. If we extend a payment plan to you it is still due by completion date, not to allow you to “approve” of the order before payment nor to delay the balance due until you decide to pick it up. Full payment is expected as all time, materials, etc. have already been invested.

  8. Framing: Frames are custom built for our customers and are subject to imperfections in joining; nail covers, grain, etc. Wall anchors are at the customer’s responsibility. We recommend finding a stud or using a strong wall anchor along with the hook provided as a courtesy. Oval frames with straight line items sometimes have the optical illusion of being uneven; this can often be remedied by shifting the frame on the picture wire until it looks straight. We make every effort to mount items straight and level. Items are top mounted on the mats unless specified differently on the order and incur appropriate charges. Once mounted we cannot adjust these items.

  9. FAF reserves the right to refuse an order based on our workload and the level of complication of the order.

Since flowers are fragile, natural materials that require careful handling even before we receive them, FAF ‘s liability is limited to: up to 100% refund of initial deposit -preservation only portion. 

This agreement will be governed by the laws of Ohio and location for any dispute will be in Hamilton County, Ohio and any disputes will be entitled to recover fees and costs.

I agree to all of the Sales Terms & Conditions:


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*Prices are subject to change at any time

*ALL sales are final